1.  Go to top right corner and Click the Login icon. A popup appears.
  2. Click the SIGNUP button. A signup form opens.
  3. Fill the form with correct details and accept the privacy policy then click Signup button (Orange color).  A verification code is sent to your mobile number.
  4. Enter the verification code and click on SUBMIT OTP.

Yes, your Account is completely FREE. You need not have to pay anything.

Yes, Anyone can create an Account.

Yes, after inviting your friends to join TARFAC you get lots of benefits.

TARFAC provide Scholarships to the required students if he/she clears exam.

There are two types of Scholarships – 

Monthly Scholarship – This Scholarship are conducted at the end every month. Details 

Daily Scholarship – This Scholarship is conducted daily. Details

  1. First Enroll yourself here. You will be enrolled within 48 hours.
  2. Once you are enrolled, you can register for upcoming exams.
  3. After registering go to “Upcoming Exam” then click on “Online Exam Portal” (This will only work on the examination date.)
  4. Start your exam now.

Selfie Contest is conducted every month and the winners are given  Huge Cash Prizes. 

  1. Click the Menu icon on the top left corner.
  2. Click on “Upload Selfie”.
  3. Fill up the form and upload your selfie.
  4. Once your Selfie is Activated you can share it with your friends and ask them to vote for it.
  5. Get more and more votes to win the Contest.

Money will be transferred to your Bank Account within 7 working days.

  1. First click on ‘menu’ icon at the top right corner then click the ‘wallet’ icon. My wallet page opens up.
  2. Now click on the ‘withdrawal’ button. Wallet Withdrawal page opens.
  3. Click on ‘Payment Settings’ button and fill the Bank Account details.
  4. Fill like this :
    1. Account Name – Enter Bank Account holder’s Name (बैंक खाताधारक का नाम लिखें )
    2. Account Number – Enter Bank Account Number (बैंक खाता संख्या लिखें )
    3. IFSC – Enter IFSC code (IFSC कोड लिखें )
    4. Bank Name – Enter the Bank and Branch Name ( बैंक का नाम एवं शाखा का नाम लिखें )
  5. Now click on ‘Withdraw Request’. Enter withdraw amount and click on ‘Submit Request’.

Use of duplicate Bank account number lock your wallet. One Bank Account can be linked with only one user.